Tampa Bay Bucs Radio Review; Sileo must go, but King a new option in afternoon.

Tampa Bay Bucs Radio Review; Sileo must go, but King a new option in afternoon.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Radio Review; Sileo must go, but King a new option in afternoon.


620 WDAE There is nothing worse that waking up and wanting to  hear about your favorite team, the Bucs, then instead  hearing the jaded 21 play career of Dan Sileo(Former  Buccaneer and Hurricane) on 620 AM instead. Sileo,  who was suspended earlier in the year for announcing  false reports about the Glazers on the air, has never  gotten over his error, and now takes out his vendetta against the entire Bucs team each day from 6Am to 10AM. Its so disgusting, I dont even tune in anymore, until 620 gets the clue and removes this idiot before he damages their credibility even further. 10 AM is the Ron and Ian show and despite not always agreeing with what they say, is truely good radio. Ron Diaz has been in local radio since the Ron and Ron show of the 70s on 95WYNF and Ian Beckles played Guard for the Bucs from 1990 to 1996, and was quite a good one at that. The two have a great chemistry together, and the future star on this station is Justin Pulowski, who should get his own show in the 6 am slot instead of that water retaining sea cow of an excuse for a morning show host. The end all be all of Tampa Bay sports radio, whether you agree or not, is the Big Dog, Steve Duemig. Duemig is professional, does his homework, and generally is right on queue with Bucs info and whats going on with the team.1010 WQYK But that is pretty much it for options. No one listens to the Babe, which is why she gets moved around from slot to slot, and while JP Peterson is not a bad option, there is really nothing the other stations have to offer; that is up until now. 1010AM has added a great new show during the early afternoon that is a fantastic alternative to the newly soundbyte driven Jim Rome show. Unless your a clone, you’ll want to tune in to former Bucs QB Shawn King and his co-host Toby David take you down memory lane at times, and so far offer insightful things to listen to you dont get on some of the other shows. Shawn KingThey call it “The King David” show, which replaces the Grind with Flip and Bill, two other guys who learned that Bay area does NOT want to listen to anti Bucs crap. Besides the 14-22 year old market, most people ARE Pro Buccaneers and want to get excited about the team, as evidenced by the amazing number of people at the draft party held inside Raymond James Stadium. With all of the OTAs and rookie practices that are going to be coming at you at a frantic pace now that the draft is over, your going to want to find a radio station/show you can count on to give you the coverage you want. More importantly though…with an aspect you want to hear; supportive of the Bucs, not like you were listening in Atlanta or something. Or Miami.

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