Uncomfortable position...

Uncomfortable position...


Uncomfortable position...


We hate ourselves right now. We can’t even look in the mirror. The thoughts dancing in our heads are awful. Just awful. No matter how much soap we use, we just can’t wash off the dirt.  We’re ashamed. Broken even. At Days Of Y’Orr, we are doing something we thought we’d never, ever do. But it is what is best for the Bruins, at least on paper. Yes, we will be watching the Washington-Montreal Game 7 tonight… and…. well….

We’re rooting for those dirty Canadiens. There, we said it. It hurts. It burns down deep. But the Flyers are simply a better match-up for the Bruins. Sure, it would be great to see the Bruins face-off against the Penguins. A series with Matt Cooke and the returning Savard writes it’s own story lines. But this is the playoffs. You play to win, not to get revenge. Boston is too disciplined to just go after Cooke and try to take him out. No Bruin is going to risk a suspension to get revenge. Of course, the sweetest revenge would simply be to knock the Penguins out of the playoffs. But those of you hoping for a blood bath are probably going to be more disappointed than Bruce Boudreau’s Weight Watchers coach if that happens. The Flyers, on the other hand, are missing Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter, two of their most dangerous forwards. That trash team from Philly takes A LOT of dumb penalties, and the Bruins power play seems to be clicking. Boucher performed well against the Devils but the Devils have turned choking in the playoffs into an art over the past few seasons. Sure, they are cheap shot artists and Carcillo is probably the dumbest person in the game right now. But put your blood lust aside for just a minute… who would your rather see the Bruins face: Crosby (2.33 points per game first round) and Malkin (4 goals) or some over-rated goons from Filthadelphia? The Capitals have the most dangerous offense in the playoffs. We hate to admit it, but those guys have talent. Ovechkin has perfected the art of cherry picking and Backstrom is perhaps the most under-rated player in the league. They had almost as many 20 goal scorers as Tiger Woods had mistresses in the regular season. Their offense tends to make up for their complete refusal to play anything resembling defense.

While the Canadiens barely meet the height requirement to be in the playoffs, a victory for them is a victory for the Bruins. And who knows. What if the Habs advance and beat the Pens, and the Bruins beat the Flyers. Your Eastern Conference Final would be a showcase of the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Who knows. Anything is possible. But for one night only we’ll be cheering on the Habs. And then spend the right of the night vomiting.

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