Aaron Rodgers is Dating a Linebacker?

Aaron Rodgers is Dating a Linebacker?


Aaron Rodgers is Dating a Linebacker?


We’ve known for quite some time that Green Bay Packers quarterback is a closeted homosexual wonderful person who is interested in the highest class of females, which is why we find it odd that he has let his handsome self go a date a linebacker masquerading as some type of female country singer.

While probably not big news, Rodgers was seen out in Las Vegas last month with “Hillary Scott”, who apparently sings in some shitty musical group called “Lady Antebellum”. I don’t listen to douche-tunes, so I’m not quite sure who that is. Let’s do a quick Google search here so I can educated my readers … Haha! It’s a band with a female lead singer??! GTFO! Can anyone name me one band that has all male musicians who dutifully play behind a lady friend that’s any good, or that you can at least take seriously? Come on. Look at No Doubt. They’re a total joke. And Hole? Courtney Love is a psycho B. These are probably bad examples, and I’m sure I’m dating myself terribly with them. I’m sure there are plenty of other shitty Alt-Emo bands that employ this method as well, all of which should probably be burned at the pike.

Either way, I feel kind of badly for Rodgers. He’s a Californian college kid transplant who got dropped in the middle of Wisconsin at a young age, where it’s now his responsibility to try and find some sexy tail. Good luck, buddy. I know your standards have probably dropped, but have they really dropped so low that you have to find a girlfriend that looks like AJ Hawk? Ouch. Here’s hoping you do better in the future.

And in fairness, here’s a picture of this Scott lady where she doesn’t look like Chad Greenway, either:

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