Bruins travel to city of Goony Love

Bruins travel to city of Goony Love


Bruins travel to city of Goony Love


Game 3 tonight in Philth-adelphia. Bruins hold a 2-0 lead in the series. Flyers hold a 2-0 in being whiny little girls. Tonight is going to be messier than a Bruce Boudreau buffet. The hate is boiling. Carcillo is jealous that Savard has more teeth and talent. Mike Richards is complaining that Patrice Bergeron cheats on face-offs. A Flyers player complaining about another player cheating or being cheap is like Bruce Boudreau calling Oprah fat. The biggest boost for the Bruins going into Game 3 is of course the fact that Savard is a vampire. Vampire’s are known for their super human abilities. Not sure on the NHL rules on this matter, but Savard is ready.

Chris Pronger is doing his beat to support the theory that being in Philadelphia gives you the inability to do math or use logic.

Oh really Chris? The series hasn’t started yet? That’s funny. I guess these are wrong then:

Maybe that is the problem with the Flyers. They thought this was a 5 game series and the firs two were just practice. Idiots. James Murphy of NESN is reporting that Mark Stuart is a possibility for Game 4. That would be great because Ference is about as effective on the ice as the word “no” is to Ben Roethlisberger in a bar bathroom. Just doesn’t work. ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun acknowledges the greatness of Johnny Boychuk. Boston is 5-0 at home in the playoffs and but 1-2 on the road. Boston’s defense has been shaky at best and if we’re being honest Philadelphia has been dominant at times. Luckily 2 U’s plus 2 K’s = 2 wins so far in the series. Thanks Tuukka.

In Tuukka, We Trust. Captain Obvious told us the Bruins need to score early and take the Philly crowd out of it. The Flyers are more physical at home and the Bruins need to respond (cleanly) with big hits of their own. As much as Mike Richards is a whiny lil girl, he’s been a force in these playoffs. But he has also been allowed to walk into the Bruins zone without any problems. Same with lil Danny Briere. We know Bruins… its hard not to sit and stare at two grown men who constantly cry about everything. But you need to actually step up and play defense on these two. Thanks.

Philly is going to take cheap shots. That is there game. It’d be great if Chara or Boychuk or Thornton nailed one of them and took them out. But that’s not worth risking a loss. Bruins need to show discipline and take advantage of the mistakes the Flyers are sure to make. A sweep would obviously be fantastic, but the B’s need just 1 of the 2 games in Philly. Tighten up that D and it won’t be a problem. We’re expecting another tight game. Hold onto your balls because this is going to get ugly tonight.

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