Game Rewind - 5/4/10: No Excuse - Red Sox 5, Angels 1

Game Rewind - 5/4/10: No Excuse - Red Sox 5, Angels 1

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Game Rewind - 5/4/10: No Excuse - Red Sox 5, Angels 1


An Angel loss to the Red Sox in which the Angels have no excuse for being so bad.

Red Sox 5, Angels 1

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • Ervin Santana continues to show some improvement.  He struggled to start the game but really settled in and did a fine job of keeping the Boston bats in check.  His command still isn’t great but was definitely a step up from where it was in previous games.  Even his velocity looked to have found a new gear, though it seems the Fenway Park radar gun may be on steroids and adding a few MPH to Ervin’s heater.  Even if he wasn’t consistently throwing 95 and 96, the gun couldn’t have been that much faster, so he was definitely north of 92 most of the night and that is great news for him.
  • The rest of the Angel offense basically did nothing but at least Mike Napoli is starting to get going.  If he can get hot, maybe he can do something to get this team going again.  Or maybe he will just end up hitting a bunch of solo homers that wind up going to waste.

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • How is a line-up going to do anything when the heart of the order (2 thru 5) goes 0-for-16 with 6 strikeouts?  Aren’t these supposed to be the steady veterans whose years of experience are supposed to prevent such slumps?  Now they are all struggling at the same time.  I am confused and frustrated.
  • Really, what else is there to say?  This team straight up stinks right now.  There are no excuses and no quick fixes, they just aren’t very good.  The only adjustments they need to make is just to play better, and that applies to everyone on the roster.  I just don’t even want to talk about it anymore because it makes me so mad and upset.

Angel A-Hole of the Game

MLB: Angels vs Tigers MAY 1

Now you are broken too?  Oy.

Great, now Jepsen sucks as bad as the rest of the bullpen.  I am going to try and be positive and chalk this up to being one of those nights where he just didn’t have it and never really stood a chance.  But, for argument’s sake, if I was being negative, I would be certain to point out that maybe being overworked so much the first month of the season has finally caught up with Jepsen.

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