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The biggest factor in Gonzalez’s favor, as he is compared to Garçon is the vast difference in their hands.  When Garçon was not making highlight reel plays, beating up high-profile defensive backs, or laying blocks for other players that made him look more like a tight end, he was dropping the football.  He caught only 52-percent of the passes thrown his way, including a critical drop in the second-to-last possession in the first half for the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

Gonzalez?  He caught 72.5-percent of the passes thrown his way over his first two seasons and was widely considered one of the most reliable targets in the NFL.  Don’t forget that he has 4.44 second 40-yard dash speed (slightly faster than Garçon), is shifty, elusive, and is arguably the Colts most polished route-runner.

How different would the Colts offense be if Garçon caught another 20-percent of his passes?  Could the outcome of the Super Bowl gone differently if Gonzalez was targeted and not Garçon on that same play?

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It’s a beautiful fall day here on Long Island and I’m sitting outside writing about the Chargers.  I guess not much has changed in the last (…)

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