Halo Headlines - 5/5/10

Halo Headlines - 5/5/10

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Halo Headlines - 5/5/10


  • The Story: John Lackey says the Angels don’t practice what they preach.   The Monkey Says: Oh, thems is fightin’ words!!!  Screw you, John.  There is a difference between loyalty and stupidity, and for the Halos to give you all the ridiculous money you were asking for was well on the side of stupidity.
  • The Story: Mike Butcher tries to buck up the pitching staff.   The Monkey Says: Butch’s little pep talk seemed to work for Santana, but not so much for Kevin Jepsen.  Nor should it absolve the offense of any guilt in the Angels’ struggles either.  This team isn’t putting up nearly as many runs as they did last season, so don’t just point fingers at the pitching staff.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis is hoping for a June return.   The Monkey Says: He still has quite the recovery in front of him, especially when you factor in him hopefully being able to regain his hot bat from before the injury.
  • The Story: The Angels are falling.   The Monkey Says: Not exactly a glowing picture of the Angels’ start, but it is hard to argue with at this point, even if it was written by a Mariner fan.
  • The Story: The Angels announce Japan Day.   The Monkey Says: This is more than just a promotion, it is a real event held at Angel Stadium.  I am sure it has nothing to do with Hideki Matsui being on the team.
  • The Story: Rex Hudler is returning to the airwaves.   The Monkey Says: Hud is getting a Tuesday afternoon show on KLAA, the station owned by Arte Moreno.  Is it possible that he is already rethinking the team’s announcing team firings this last off-season?

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