Osi "backs" into a starting spot?

Osi "backs" into a starting spot?

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Osi "backs" into a starting spot?


Will Osi Umenyiora be traded? Or will he remain a Giant?

Over the weekend, we learned about Jason Pierre-Paul’s back problem.   According to JPP, he described the problem as a pinch in his lower back, adding that it hurt most when he got into a three-point stance on the line. As soon as he stood up, the pain went away. 

He shrugged it off.  Informing reporters, it usually takes between four days and a week for his body to adjust to playing football again. Then the pain subsides.    

Is his injury worse than he is leading us to believe?

Mum is the word on Giants.com about JPP’s back.  There has not been an update on his aching lower back.  However, yesterday, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora   reported the Giants told teams former starting defensive end Osi Umenyiora is not going to be traded.  How come the Giants needed to reiterate something they have already stated?   After JPP was selected, both GM Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin are on record about not trading Osi.  Could Pierre-Paul’s back be something the Giants overlooked?  Recall, former first round pick DE Cedric Jones had a degenerative eye disorder.  Prior to selecting him, the Giants were not too sure  about his limited vision in one eye.  Because of his vision impairment which later required surgery,  he did not make an impact in his rookie year.  As for JPP, because he started just seven games in college, he needs to be on the field.  Former Giants’ defensive coordinator John Fox said,  “Playing the game is where you get better and where you get experience.”    Even if Pierre-Paul is out for an extended period of time, thankfully, they still have Osi Umenyiora on the roster.


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