Pedey Has Papi's Back

Pedey Has Papi's Back

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Pedey Has Papi's Back


Dustin Pedroia is always an interesting interview.  He tends to tell you what he thinks…and then some.  NESN got a snippet of the Pedey we know and love in this video.  And, they asked him about David Ortiz last night and here is what he had to say:

“David’s fine,” Pedroia said. “He’s one of our teammates. It could’ve been me that hit into a double play. It happens to everybody, man. He’s had 60 at-bats. A couple of years ago, I was hitting .170 and everyone was ready to kill me too. What happened? Laser show, so relax. I’m tired of looking at the NESN poll, ‘Why is David struggling?’ David’s fine. He’s one of our teammates. We believe in him. He came out of it last year, he’s going to come out of it this year.”

LASER SHOW.  I heart you Pedey.  I do.   One, he’s a great teammate….and doing exactly what he should be doing.  And two, the kid is hilarious.

Also, Dustin is voting on  and his vote is: “Papi’s Fine.  Thanks for playing.”

I will never stop loving you Dustin Pedroia.  Never.

You can read more about the interview here…and can listen to the commentary.

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