American Kennel Association Names Atlanta Hawks 'Best in Show'

American Kennel Association Names Atlanta Hawks 'Best in Show'

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American Kennel Association Names Atlanta Hawks 'Best in Show'


ATLANTA, GA – The American Kennel Association today awarded the Atlanta Hawks its coveted “Best in Show” prize after the Hawks recent playoff performance.  The Hawks just concluded their season last night, losing their four game series to the Orlando Magic by a total of 111 points.

“We see millions of dogs every year,” AKA spokesman Chloe Barnickle stated, “but the Hawks playoff performance is the greatest illustration of dogging it we have seen in a long time.  Their ability to nail the tricky “lie down, roll over, play dead” combo in their series versus the Magic truly clinched the top dog award for them”.

The Hawks were a longshot for ‘Best in Show’ honours heading into the NBA Playoffs, but they announced themselves as true contenders with their performance versus the undermanned Milwaukee Bucks in the first round.  Instead of sweeping the Bucks, Atlanta dogged it throughout the series, showing the rest of the world that they were serious in their quest of the ‘Best in Show’ prize.

“It is truly an honour to receive the ‘Best in Show’ prize,” said Atlanta’s top dog, Joe Johnson.  “We were still working out the kinks in our dogging technique versus the Bucks, but we really nailed it in the Magic series.  It was a stunning display of a team dogging it and rolling over and playing dead.  I’m just proud to have been a big part of this very special group of dogs”.

Johnson went on to state that while he enjoyed his time as the pack leader with the Hawks, he was looking forward to moving to New York next season, where the combination of unreasonable expectations and his ridiculously high salary will help him reach his full potential as a dog.


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