Brady defends Manning?

Brady defends Manning?


Brady defends Manning?


Sounds that way. QBs always stick together.

“I like Peyton a lot. He’s a guy I’ve watched over the years and just always admired the way that he plays. His style of play is very much my style of play, so I can understand what he’s looking at and why he’s doing the things he’s doing. … I don’t know what happened between he and Reggie [Wayne] there at the end, but I couldn’t imagine that Peyton thought he would stop running the route either. Reggie is a great player and obviously there was just as miscommunication between the two of them which happens when you have little option routes like it looks like they had there. … I felt bad because I never like seeing that happen to a quarterback, because I know how that feels. It feels pretty [expletive], especially to have it happen in a Super Bowl.”

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