Game 6. It's Business Time.

Game 6. It's Business Time.


Game 6. It's Business Time.


This series should be a bit of a throwback, with every square inch of ice hotly contested. We didn’t believe in the Bruins down the stretch and we didn’t believe in them against Buffalo, and we find no reason to start now. The Flyers’ top-end guys like Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen, Daniel Briere and Pronger assure us a third straight Philadelphia-Pittsburgh playoff clash. Flyers in seven games.

The ever idiotic Scott Burnside of ESPN wrote those words in his Bruins-Flyers preview. Of course as Bruins fans we were angry. You want to believe your team is always going to win. No matter the seed, the injuries, etc you think you’re team is the best. That is part of what being a fan is about. When the Bruins went up 3-0 in the series, Bruins fans probably filled Burnside’s inbox with swearing, insults and photoshops of his mother getting plowed by a bear while wearing a Flyers jersey. Over the last two games, Scotty has probably been laughing a bit. The Bruins looked bad in Game 4 despite bringing the game to overtime. In Game 5 they looked like Betty White naked. Bandwagon fans threw down their Milan Lucic shirts and put on their pink red sox hats and Jonathan Papelbon jerseys and paid attention to the Red Sox for the first time in weeks. But that game is over. We mustn’t dwell. We can’t! Not today. Not on Rex Manning Day! Not on Game 6 day! The Flyers hold an all time record of 1-13 when trailing 3-2 in a series. That means shit. The Bruins have looked awful. The Flyers are brimming with confidence and AIDS. They’re dangerous. We’re not going to throw a bunch of stats at you today. They mean nothing. Tonight is must win for the Bruins. That is all that matters. Tonight. The Bruins do not want to see the Flyers in a Game 7 after dropping 3 in a row. The Bruins are a fragile bunch. Get your shit together black and gold!

“They were a better team than us. I don’t know why and I don’t know why we didn’t have that desperation.” ~ Mark Recchi.

We don’t know either Mark. But we trust you said some encouraging words to set the boys straight.

“Their playing with a desperation and they’re playing — they’ve got that attitude of no-quit and no one’s going to stop them. They’re a confident team. They’re doing a good job of playing with a lot of confidence and I think we’ve just got to play more like them.” ~ Milan Lucic

That means you Looch. Hit them. Hit them hard. Make the Flyers fear the neutral zone like their fans fear the results of an STD test or hygiene. The Bruins have seemed too uptight the past few games. Up through Game 3, the Bruins seemed like they were having fun. They seemed excited to be in the playoffs. The last couple of games, they’ve played like they gave their two weeks notice at work and now they’re just coasting. They need to have fun again. And stay out of the penalty box. Boston gave Philly 10 power plays. You’re not going to win spending that much time alone with your thoughts. Did the stunning ability to take completely unnecessary penalties at bad times transfer to the Bruins dressing room? Damn you Philly. Quit your bitching Bruins and play. Skate hard. Hit hard. Win dammit. And please, please, PLEASE put some quality shots on net! Michael Leighton hadn’t see the ice in so long he forgot it was frozen. He was so bored at one point we caught him leaving the net to break dance in the corner.

You can’t read his p-p-p-p-p-pokerface.

To paraphrase the great Badger Bob Johnson, the great thing about the playoffs is you’re allowed to lose three time per series as long as you win four. Bruins have only lost 2.

“Everyone always says the fourth [win] is the hardest, and it’s proving to be like that right now,” said forward Milan Lucic. “I’m not going to take anything away from [the Flyers]. They’ve played great the last two games. But we haven’t played nearly up to par to where we need to be to win that fourth game.”

It’s business time. The Bruins have their business socks on today. “And you know when they have their business socks on its time for business, that’s why they call them business socks.”

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