Game Rewind - 5/11/10: Return to Sender - Rays 7, Angels 2

Game Rewind - 5/11/10: Return to Sender - Rays 7, Angels 2

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Game Rewind - 5/11/10: Return to Sender - Rays 7, Angels 2


An Angel loss to the Rays in which the Angels probably want to return Kazmir to sender.

Rays 7, Angels 2

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • I continue to like what I see out of Michael Ryan and I really think that we are seeing that his big spring was no fluke.  I don’t think he is going to be a big league regular, but he looks comfortable in the box and is getting some real good swings including a double tonight.  The Angels needed some more bench depth and it looks like they’ve got some in Ryan.
  • Bell may have failed to impress, but Cassevah certainly helped his cause to get some more work.  Sure, he allowed a run, but he also struck out three batters and generally pounded the strike zone, something some of the other Angel relievers might want to take note of.  I don’t think Cassevah is going to be a huge asset or anything, but he might be good enough to stick around as an unspectacular middle relief guy.
  • See what happens when you swing the bat, Erick?  An infield single and a bunt hit as well as a steal.  Knock it off with that Bobby Abreu impression that you are trying to do and use those young legs of yours to create some action, just like you did last season.

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • Once again having the bases loaded proves the be the Angels Achilles heel.  All they could muster was a run walked in by Randy Choate.  For all the great contact Howie Kendrick is supposed to make, he just doesn’t really get it done in the clutch and could even manage a sacrifice fly.
  • Speaking of having the bases loaded, I kind of have to question Scioscia not pinch-hitting for Mike Ryan.  I know I just praised Ryan, but Juan Rivera is definitely a better hitter and definitely better enough to overlook the lefty-righty match-up that Ryan had in his favor.  Getting Rivera rest is fine and all, but if you have him on the bench, you might as well use him, especially in such a big situation.  Unless, of course, he was saving him for if Brandon Wood came to the plate in the inning.
  • OK, so Palmer struggled in relief and ended up on the DL.  Stokes struggled in relief and ended up on the DL.  Can we just go ahead and put Scot Shields on the DL now too?  He comes in to bail out Trevor Bell and then immediately gives up a big fly to Longoria that doubles the Ray lead and effectively putting the game out of reach for the sputtering Halo line-up.
  • As for Bell himself, he put a pretty quick end to any talk of him being an answer to the bullpen woes.  Maybe we all should’ve just calmed down about him coming up big against one hitter.

Angel A-Hole of the Game

New York Yankees at Anaheim Angels

I think we got a defective product.  Has the return policy expired already?

You know what is sad?  The fact that Kazmir “only” gave up three runs in five innings of work almost qualified as a positive tonight.  Wasn’t this guy supposed to be a potential ace?  Now we are just glad that he didn’t get shelled?  Just terrible.  It isn’t even that Kaz was bad tonight, it was that he failed to step his game up in his first chance to show up his old team.  He allowed too many hits, gave up too many walks and didn’t miss nearly enough bats.  His worst sin of all though was the he failed to go deep into the game, using up 108 pitches in those five innings.  That was just too much of a burden to place on an already overly taxed bullpen, the end result being that the back end of the pen couldn’t keep the game close, as expected, making it almost impossible for the Angels to even consider making a comeback.  If he can’t get the job done on a night like this, then maybe Tony Reagins should ask the Rays if they want a do over on that trade from last season.

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