Kravitz begs CIB to stand firm

Kravitz begs CIB to stand firm


Kravitz begs CIB to stand firm


No argument here

I’m quite sure the Pacers are hurting, even if I’m at a loss to understand how they could have lost all that money during the glory years.

But I’m also quite sure the people of this city and this state and this country are hurting, and hurting in ways the Pacers’ front-office types can’t begin to understand.

So what do we make of this study?

What it tells me is, it gives the CIB the justification to do most of what the Pacers want them to do. The Pacers can point to the numbers — the revenue the team brings to Downtown and all the rest — and can say, “For $15 million, you get $55 million coming in, give or take a couple of pennies.”

This strengthens the Pacers’ argument and weakens the city’s argument, assuming the city was ever inclined to put up an argument.

I would counter this way: While the city would still have to pay for fieldhouse upkeep without the Pacers, it would get all the cash from the various acts that get booked. Plus, there would be a monster dollar amount — reported to be as much as $150 million — from the Pacers, their penalty for leaving the city.

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