Run Blocking a Problem

Run Blocking a Problem


Run Blocking a Problem


Grass is green.  The sky is blue. Moving on…

Even Manning’s deep passing abilities have been compromised of late, which can be attributed to less of a threat in the play- action game and lesser play from the Colts’ offensive line. I understand how few sacks that Indianapolis allowed in 2009, but I also think the majority of that is due to Manning’s rare pocket presence. The Colts’ play calling also recognizes that this pass-blocking unit was unable to consistently hold up on long routes.

All of this said, only six offenses scored more points than Indianapolis last season. Averaging a measly 3.5 yards-per-rushing attempt (second-worst in the league), is obviously a problem. Still, you might recall the Colts managed to have a pretty decent season despite their poor run game.

This last part is basically untrue.  Manning had a great YPA year and more 20+ yard passes than he’s had in a long time last year.

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It’s a beautiful fall day here on Long Island and I’m sitting outside writing about the Chargers.  I guess not much has changed in the last (…)

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