Shake on Cushing

Shake on Cushing


Shake on Cushing


Joe Baker talks to the Times

Cushing is the third DROY at defensive end or outside linebacker in the last nine years to be suspended for a banned steroid-related substance. The edge rusher (DE/OLB) is the realm of the freakiest of the freak athletes and the premium position on the defense. The absolutely vital role of an effective pass rush and the elite physical tools required to do it effectively, combined with the constant pounding contact that a 4-3 DE (Peppers), 3-4 OLB (Merriman), or 4-3 SAM LB (Cushing) takes is the perfect storm for PED use. These defenders’ bodies take a beating, but must stay at an elite peak of performance to do their jobs. The boosts to injury and workout recovery from steroids are especially attractive to players can need to work themselves into unbelievable athletic shape and rebound from the damages done to their bodies in the trenches.

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