You Make the Call: Who Should Be the Angel Closer?

You Make the Call: Who Should Be the Angel Closer?

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You Make the Call: Who Should Be the Angel Closer?


In the wake of the latest Fuentes FAIL, the closer controversy has been renewed in Anaheim.  As much as Mike Scioscia wants to ignore the obvious problem he has at the end of games by blindly committing to Fuentes, we fans are smarter than that.  The problem though is that the Angels don’t exactly have an abundance of attractive replacements for Fuentes, so who should they turn to?

You Make the Call! Who should really be the Angels’ closer?

A) Brian Fuentes.  Scioscia says Fuentes is the closer and his choice is really the only one that matters.  Still, we have over a year’s worth of evidence that strongly suggests Tito isn’t cut out for the job, but maybe he keeps it because the Angels don’t have a better option.

B) Fernando Rodney.  A week ago he would have been the obvious choice but he has started to show his true colors recently and is once again allowing an alarming number of walks (11 walks in 15.2 innings this year).  He has been a closer before, but he has also been fired from being a closer before too.

C) Kevin Jepsen.  He has arguably been the best reliever thus far and only seems to be getting better with every outing.  But is he ready for primetime and can the Halos afford to lose him as a versatile middle innings guy?

D) A committee.  This is my personal favorite.  If nobody is good enough to hold the job on their own, why not let them all share it and let the match-ups determine who should get the call in the ninth inning?

SECRET OPTION E) Trade.  This isn’t as much of an option as you would think because too many of the teams that would normally have a closer to deal are actually winning (stupid, Padres, we want Heath Bell!).  The Angels might have to take a chance on Houston’s Matt Lindstrom or convince to give up the reasonably-priced Joakim Soria even though his contract is team friendly.

Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox

It is time to fire Fuentes.  Or is it?

Let us know what you think the right call is or submit an answer of your own by leaving a comment below.

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