Friday 5: Gary Carter

Friday 5: Gary Carter

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Friday 5: Gary Carter


Last week, I had the honor of “Talkin’ Baseball” with Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter. This week, naturally, he knocks out the “Friday 5”.

HOVG: Who was your biggest influence and why?

CARTER: Probably my brother and my Dad. My brother is four years older and I always wanted to be like him but wanted to be better.

HOVG: What is your most memorable travel experience?

CARTER: Probably to the White House after we won the 1986 World Series or maybe my first All-Star game in Milwaukee. The excitement and anticipation was overwhelming.

HOVG: What is your favorite baseball term or saying?

CARTER: He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

HOVG: What is your best experience or greatest accomplishment?

CARTER: Winning the World Series and being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

HOVG: When did you know that you “made it”?

CARTER: Playing winter baseball for Caguas in Puerto Rico, we won the Caribe World Series and we won in 1973-1974. I was the MVP of the Series and hit well against big league pitchers.

Gary Carter recently completed his first season as the head coach of the Palm Beach Atlantic University Men’s Baseball team. Under his leadership, the Sailfish finished the year 17-24…up from 10-36 in 2009.

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