Guys on Ice: Avec Sprinkles

Guys on Ice: Avec Sprinkles

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Guys on Ice: Avec Sprinkles


***Welcome to the Official Chatroom of the Pittsburgh Penguins!***
Arrrgh, stupid Habs and their stupid winning.
LeOrangeDrink: I am so disappointed in us.
SidneynotKidney: Hey guys, I know what can cheer us up.
StaalBoy11: A bottle of Everclear and gun barrel in my mouth?
SidneynotKidney: No guys! I know where we can go. Let’s go get ice cream! I know a great place with great sprinkles and sundaes and stuff.
LeOrangeDrink: Whatever.

***Welcome to Ice Cream Parlor!***
So wait, when you said “go out for ice cream”, you actually meant “go out for ice cream”? That wasn’t code for going to Club Diesel?
SidneynotKidney: No Jared, it’s actual ice cream.
StaalBoy11: And “sprinkles and sundaes” wasn’t code for “strippers and booze”?
ToThaMax69: Is good we know there is no code for “hot fudge sauce”.
StaalBoy11:…You’re a disgusting human being, Max.
FlueryAvecSpinkles: Ooooh boy ICE CREAM
LeOrangeDrink: OK…well, ice cream is pretty tasty.
FleuryAvecSpinkles: OWOWOWOWOW!
ToThaMax69: the hell is wrong with you?
FleuryAvecSpinkles: These ice cream is so tasty but soooo painful!
StaalBoy11: Do you have sensitive teeth, Flower?
LeOrangeDrink: He’s a goalie, everything on him is sensitive.
FleuryAvecSpinkles: Quit making fun of my teeth!
ToThaMax69: If it hurts too much, I’ll eat your ice cream for you, Flower.
FlueryAvecSpinkles: SCREW YOU. I eat my own ice cream.
StaalBoy11: I got a milkshake. It’s kinda tasty
StaalBoy11: /adds flask of bourbon to milkshake
LeOrangeDrink: That’s an awful lot of bourbon, Jordan.
StaalBoy11: WHOOO-boy now THAT’s a MILKSHAKE!
LeOrangeDrink: Has anyone seen Sid anywhere?
StaalBoy11: He’s at the front counter with a super brownie sundae or something like that. I think I heard him crying.
FlueryAvecSpinkles: OWWWWWIIIIEEE. But so delicious.
LeOrangeDrink: Sid…are you ok?
SidneynotKidney: I’m fine. I have my Choc-Browie Mudslide Smash and I’ll be fine!
Corey_the_Parlor_Counter_Guy: I dunno, you’ve had like 3 already.
SidneynotKidney: I CAN HANDLE IT!
SidneynotKidney: Just leave the can of whipped cream here.
ToThaMax69: You not looking good, Sid. Well, you looking like worser than I am, but that’s something everyone does.
Later_ Parlor_Counter_Guy: So, uh, Corey….did you bring the, uh…”special” brownies?
Corey_the_Parlor_Counter_Guy: Uh, this guy in the front ate all of our brownies. I had to substitute.
ToThaMax69: Sid, are you OK?
LeOrangeDrink: Sid?


FlueryAvecSpinkles: Wait a second…where is Malkin?
***Malk_Man as entered the chat room!***
SidneynotKidney: Oh, heyyyy…you wanna play some hackey sack or listen to some reggae? It’s real relaxing because it’s like every song is the same song over and over again.

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