Look who's giving the Minnesota Twins a pep talk!

Look who's giving the Minnesota Twins a pep talk!

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Look who's giving the Minnesota Twins a pep talk!


Uh-oh. The Minnesota Twins may have a secret weapon this time around. Somebody who will be giving them the confidence to beat the Yankees in the Bronx this weekend. Check out these quotes from somebody connected with the team who had success against the Yankees in New York in the past:

“We were confident, we believed in ourselves, we didn’t try to up our game because the other team had more hype. Baseball doesn’t change anywhere you go. The bases are the same distance, the mound is the same distance. If you feel you have to do more than you’re capable of doing, more times than not you’re not going to be very successful.”….

“Teams come in gunning for the Yankees. Some people take to the elements in New York, and some people don’t. It’s definitely a different animal.”

Give up? It’s Carl Pavano!

Incidentally, the American Idle hasn’t had to spend any time in the Carl Pavano Memorial MRI Tube most recently used by Nick Johnson. Pavano’s made seven (!) starts this year. His record is 4-3, with a 3.30 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP. Seems like those injury-ridden years are a thing of the past. Lovely.

* * *

Yesterday’s game was dull and depressing. CC Sabathia looked terrible, as did the Yankee bats. But at least the Bombers are finally playing some home games again – they’ve had 22 games on the road so far this year, and only 12 at home.

In other news, the next six weeks or so are going to be filled with all the “Where’s LeBron James going to end up?” talk; something only slightly less annoying as the “Is Brett Favre retiring” talk!

And I don’t care if it ticks off Squawker Jon. Go Flyers!

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