Movin' On - Changes at tBBC

Movin' On - Changes at tBBC

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Movin' On - Changes at tBBC


A little bit of internal news to discuss this morning….

During the month of April, I took a temporary position with Fox Sports Ohio and covered Ohio State football spring practice for them.  In case you’re wondering…yes, it was awesome.  I took some time off from tBBC because I had an exclusivity deal with Fox Sports, so I couldn’t write about anything Buckeye football-related here.

I was hoping that my work during spring practice would continue, and it appears as if that will be a reality.

Starting next week, I’ll be back at Fox Sports Ohio.  I’ll be writing, editing, working with Photoshop, all that good stuff.  Anything that relates to digital content, I get to manipulate with my grubby little Michigan-hating fingers.

Based on past experience, I can only assume that there will be another exclusivity deal in the works.  Furthermore, I’m not just covering the Buckeyes, I’ll be dealing with all Ohio sports.  The writing on the wall tells me that there likely won’t be much I can write original material about here at tBBC.

Yes, I will still run and maintain this website.  I created it and I will still be the top administrator.  I’ll be here to work on the layout, edit material, add videos, call your boss and tell him you’re wasting company time, etc.  But you’ll be getting your reading material from the four amazing people I brought on to grow tBBC.

So be nice to MaliBuckeye, Jim, Eric, and Rob Harley (especially Rob….he is still friends with guys that actually can demonstrate what it feels like to be pancaked).  They’re the reason why this website has grown to its’ current level, and they’ll be the reason it expands every day.

To all of you out there, thank you for being a part of The Buckeye Battle Cry every day.  Four years ago, I just wanted to be a guy who wrote about his love for the Buckeyes online.  You showed up and contributed to this site and made it a success.

Now there’s someone out there foolish enough to pay me to write online about sports.  I’m taking that job before they figure out what an enormous mistake it was to hire me.

See ya’ in Columbus in 111 days.

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