Quick takes on Titans news

Quick takes on Titans news


Quick takes on Titans news


Formal notice: I’m officially on “not really writing posts” for the next couple weeks.  Future installments of how much the offense changed, plus other posts I hope will be interesting, should resume early-mid June.  But, just in case you cared what I thought about the latest and least boring Titans news:

Chris Johnson, Bo Scaife, and Stephen Tulloch are skipping workouts: I don’t care too much about CJ and Tulloch; they’re reasonable business decisions and both guys seem to be working out.  It’s not unusual for players in Bo’s situation to hold himself out, but if his $4.9 million for 2010 was indeed guaranteed as was reported, I’m not particularly happy.  CJ and Tulloch would get more money, at least guaranteed, if they hit the open market.  If Bo left the Titans, I strongly doubt he’s paid over $9 million like he’ll get from the Titans between 2009 and 2010.

The Titans help Nashville recover: Best wishes to all our readers and hopes everybody came through unharmed and with no major losses.  I’ve been through some nasty rain/water before, most notably Hurricane Alicia and a memorable day in the summer of ’96 with 18″+ (the closest official rain gauge overflowed at 15.9″).  It’s a little far for me to volunteer, but I threw some money toward the direction of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee though you’ll get swag if you give $100 to the Vince Young Foundation.

Terry McCormick, formerly of the City Paper, is reporting the Titans are close to hiring Ruston Webster, who worked with Mike Reinfeldt in Seattle.  If you read this article from 2006 and this one from 2002 linked therein, you’ll know everything I do about Webster.

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