The Stadium Guy at Victory Field

The Stadium Guy at Victory Field


The Stadium Guy at Victory Field


Jon Bennett (The Stadium Guy) made Victory Field his 108th stadium he’s visited. Before I get to his review, let me share this sweet photo he took of the Luke.  He especially noticed how huge Lucas Oil Stadium is compared to Victory Field.  If you have never been to downtown Indy, the size of the Luke is stunning.  He also loved how well the stadium blended in with the factory in the foreground.

On the whole, I liked the park very much and it has a mix of the timelessness of such ballpark classics as Kauffman and Dodger Stadium with the city skyline designs of PNC, Comerica, Camden Yards and Busch.  As a Class AAA ballpark, it falls a bit short of AutoZone Park (Memphis).  I visited Louisville Slugger Field the day after visiting Victory Field.  LSF as it is frequently referenced as, is another highly rated Class AAA stadium and is about four years newer than Victory.  I like the lower deck seating bowl slightly better at Louisville Slugger, but for everything else, I would go with Victory Field as the better ballpark.  Victory Field is well worth a visit.  Stay downtown and enjoy your visit.  There is quite a bit to do and see in downtown Indianapolis, not to mention the opportunity to visit a certain race car track a few miles west of downtown.

We are really fortunate in Indianapolis to have three beautiful sports arenas.  If you haven’t been down to Victory Field yet, get down there and support minor league baseball.

I’m coming home in July for five weeks.

I can’t freaking wait.  I love Indianapolis.

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