Christensen at the wheel

Christensen at the wheel


Christensen at the wheel


A look at the shake up of the coordinator position

Christensen welcomes the new blood, the new perspectives and ideas. He said it is an important offseason, but the foundation is well in place.

“You may change color in a couple of rooms or move some furniture around or pick up a new piece of furniture, but for the most part, the structure of this thing is intact,” he said. “We’re not trying to change a system or bring in a new scheme or anything like that.”

As wide receivers coach last season, Christensen dealt with the release of Marvin Harrison and the season-ending knee injury to Anthony Gonzalez in the opener. He incorporated newcomers Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. The offense hardly missed a beat.

Christensen’s involvement in play-calling and game planning has increased over the past several years. He doesn’t expect the transition from Tom Moore, offensive coordinator the past 12 seasons, to be dramatic. Moore’s new title is senior offensive assistant.

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