Mark Bavaro, Part II

Mark Bavaro, Part II

Ultimate NYG

Mark Bavaro, Part II


No matter how often UltimateNYG and Mark Bavaro yell about using Kevin Boss more in the offense, the NY Giants’ Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilgarbage will not hear any of it.

In December of 2008, UltimateNYG asked aloud, WHY DOESN’T BOSS GET A LARGER ROLE IN THE OFFENSE?!

In June of 2009, Mark Bavaro echoed that same exact sentiment, wondering in polite surprise WHY BOSS DOESN’T BOSS GET A LARGER ROLE IN THE OFFENSE?!  

And then just a few days ago, in May of 2010, Mark Bavaro echoed that same exact sentiment AGAIN, asking WHY BOSS DOESN’T BOSS GET A LARGER ROLE IN THE OFFENSE?!

In between the 2008 season and 2009, when Bavaro and UltimateNYG asked for more Boss, what happened?  His production in the passing game modestly increased from 33 to 42 pass completions.  But take a closer look inside the numbers, provided to us by  When we sort by the Top TEs getting the most snaps, we have 16 of the best TEs that are on the field all the time.  They all catch plenty of passes.  Guess which one dropped the fewest? Senor Boss.  He’s got the softest hands.

Someone please help explain to me why this guy does not see a lot more balls, ESPECIALLY IN THE RED ZONE, WHERE WE HAVE SO MUCH TROUBLE???!!!  

Blogging is a cheap form of psychotherapy for this NY Giant fan.  I get to vent.  And I get a major reality check.  When I claim to hear voices, witness paranormal activity and alien abductions, it goes a long way when the things I see and hear are confirmed by the likes of people like Bavaro, Kirwin, et al. 

We may be negative about Gilbride, but one of the biggest reasons why is because we are so POSITIVE on Kevin Boss.  The NY Giants Offensive Coordinator  wasted Shockey and now he wastes Boss.  In 2008, Boss averaged 2.2 receptions per game.  In 2009, he averaged just 2.8 receptions per game.  It is a crime.  And to watch the offense struggle unnecessarily in the red zone makes it all so much more absurd.  He needs the ball more because the offense needs more rhythm.  Plus, if you get this guy the ball on third down, he’ll move the sticks and let the other players get more touches too.  Waste not, want not.     

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