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A few random thoughts by reader request:

Derek wants to know about a way to watch games overseas called IPCTV. For $29.99 (today only!), you allegedly get access to hundreds of TV channels world wide.  I’ve posted links to a few sites in the sidebar before for free services and paid servicesThere’s a review of the various pay options on line, but I don’t know how impartial it is.

If anyone knows anything about any of these sites, please comment.

BobMan asked for my thoughts on Brian Cushing.  My thoughts are:  he’s a huge liar and a cheat.  I found the whole ‘revote’ for the rookie of the year award to be preposterous, but once the AP decided to revote, I don’t buy the whole “vote for Cushing in protest” angle.  The rules are the rules.  If the AP wants a new vote, the members should vote accordingly, and there is no defense for voting a skeeze like Cushing. Ultimately, the reason it doesn’t matter is that no one gives a crap about the NFL Rookie of the year award.  The fact that they give out two awards (one for O and one for D) cheapens it.  It’s so unprestegious that Peyton Manning didn’t even win it.  And let’s face it, if the media is voting for an award and Peyton Manning doesn’t win it, it must not matter much.

The funniest part of the whole affair was Bob McNair and Gary “Jackie Childs” Kubiak sitting there watching the whole thing in utter humiliation.


“This is the most public of my many humiliations.”

Bob also wants to know about Shawne Merriman, wondering if at this point, we wouldn’t rather have him WITH the Chargers being miserable and causing problems.  That certainly is a brilliant take.  Normally, I want guys like that shipped to bad teams  or to the NFC, but with a head case like Norv in charge, I think the more destabilizing forces in the Chargers locker room, the better.  Great point.  It is amazing how far this guy has fallen.

Speaking of Norv Turner, Aaron wrote today wondering if the Colts didn’t hire Ron Turner to help against Norv Turner’s Chargers.  He wanted to know the track record of Ron’s teams offenses against teams where Norv was the coach.

Unfortunately, Ron Turner’s Bears only played Norv teams twice:  1996 against the Redskins (10-3 loss) and 2007 against the Chargers (14-3 loss).  I don’t know why the Colts hired Ron Turner, but it wasn’t to help them beat the Chargers.


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