Alfonso Soriano Joins the 300 Club

Alfonso Soriano Joins the 300 Club

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Alfonso Soriano Joins the 300 Club


I’d like to say I’m clairvoyant (I’m not), but just yesterday…I wrote the following regarding Alfonso Soriano and his quest to join the fictitious 300 Home Run Club:

If I was a betting man (and I’m not), I’d say Soriano’s best chance is Friday versus Peavy…a pitcher who he’s hitting .375 (6 for 16) with two career home runs against.

Well…it happened today.

Against Peavy.

It’s true. With a second inning blast off the White Sox pitcher, Soriano became just the 127th player to reach 300 career home runs. Wednesday night, his Chicago Cubs teammate Derrek Lee reached the milestone.

If this trend continues, Scott Rolen (currently enjoying a resurgence in Cincinnati) should be the next guy to knock his 300th out of the park. Rolen is currently sitting at 297.

But what’s next for Soriano?

A quick glance at his career numbers and you’re reminded just how good this guy was and could have been. He’s a four-time member of the 30-30 club and is one of only 4 players (Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez are the others) to have gone 40-40.

So…steals maybe?

With 300 career home runs and 261 stolen bases, Soriano has an outside shot at joining Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Andre Dawson, Bobby Bonds, Reggie Sanders and Steve Finley as the only players to have 300 of each.

Also within sniffing distance is A-Rod, who, with 299 career steals (including a paltry two so far this season) looks to get there first.

And yeah, you read it right…Reggie Sanders was just mentioned in the same post as Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds. Take THAT, Bernard Gilkey!

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