Fuller MMATime Offers Up Summer Fun: MMA Summer Camp

Fuller MMATime Offers Up Summer Fun: MMA Summer Camp

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Fuller MMATime Offers Up Summer Fun: MMA Summer Camp


With the temperature outside steadily rising to the unbearable levels that we here in Texas know all too well, the unmistakable fact is that the dog days of summer our upon us.  For those us blessed with the joys of parenthood, summer means restless children and the growing concern that television and video games will morph them into sedentary couch potatoes.  The concern of a listless summer for kids in the community is what has prompted Seth Fuller, owner and proprietor of Fuller MMATime in Richardson, to come up with a unique concept: MMA summer camp. 

Beginning June 14, kids ages 8-14 will have the unique opportunity of spending their summer vacation learning and appreciating the physical and mental stimulation associated with mixed martial arts. 

“The camp will run all summer as long as we have kids showing up who want to learn,” explains Fuller.  “We will be teaching various martial arts: wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, boxing.”

But parents concerned that their children will spend the summer choking each other out will be relieved to know that Fuller and staff are not trying to groom the next Anderson Silva.  All Fuller hopes to accomplish in this endeavor is enrichment, both physical and mental, for the children enrolled in the camp.

“We will also teach an SAT-based curriculum of vocabulary, reading, logic and math to keep their minds sharp,” says Fuller, who works as a part-time standardized-test tutor.  “Daily trips to the local park for outside play time and games along with arts and craft activities will round out the summer camp activities.”

Fuller did not have to look far to solicit help in making this concept a reality.  Assisting Fuller every step of the way is his father Michael whose commitment to the community is unmatched.

“My father has always been very involved with the community, especially youths,” explains Fuller.  “He was a Boy Scout leader for over 20 years, drove the church bus to pick up underprivileged kids, and is currently a volunteer with the Big/Little Brother programs. So we decide to use the time in the gym before classes to give kids some place to go instead of sitting on the couch playing video games.”

Martial arts have long been used as a way to instill discipline and respect into young boys and girls.  With mixed martial arts surging popularity you can almost guarantee that this day camp will not be one a child would rally against.  Fuller maintains an optimistic approach to it all. 

“Hopefully these kids will take away the respect, discipline, knowledge and healthy living skills that is the basis for all martial arts and apply it to their lives.”


Fuller MMATime MMA camp will run Mondays-Fridays 8:30AM-4:30PM starting June 14 for children ages 8-14.  Weekly field trips and lunch are included with tuition.  Students will receive a free gi with early registration.  For more information visit www.fullermmatime.com or call 972-918-9020. 

(Photo © Fuller MMATime Facebook Page)

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