Gonzalez Update: Caldwell Says He Will Be Fine

Gonzalez Update: Caldwell Says He Will Be Fine


Gonzalez Update: Caldwell Says He Will Be Fine


John Oehser provides another important update on CBS Rapid Reports concerning Anthony Gonzalez’s recent “setback.”

Colts coach Jim Caldwell on Friday declined to discuss the specifics of why WR Anthony Gonzalez missed mini-camp practice last weekend: “I can tell you this: He’ll be fine.”

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The Colts have always been a little “hush hush” regarding their players injuries, particularly when they are not under any pressure from the league to provide injury reports.  This has led a lot of speculation to run rampant concerning Gonzalez since he mentioned suffering a setback at his recent charity golf outing.  Journalists rarely name their sources, as any team sources remain anonymous, and Gonzo’s catastrophic knee-injury that kept him out for the entire 2009 season is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

It has been noted that Gonzalez is a slow healer and missing the entire season last year was unexpected by many, while requiring more than one surgery was disappointing as well.  All of the build-up around his knee makes it everyone’s focus as he attempts to return.  Still, sources mentioning that his “setback” is not related to his knee-injury are getting questioned by others so I thought this update was important enough for all information to get to Colts fans.

Generally coaches will not make definite statements like “he’ll be fine” when they are discussing players who have “setbacks” to major knee injuries that kept them out for the entire previous season.  A mantra of “wait and see” and “he is moving along as expected,” or “he is making progress” have been the norm surrounding Gonzo’s injury.  “He’ll be fine” is far more confident, direct, and specific than normal.  Does that mean that his injury is definitely not knee-related?  No.  However, it gives every bit as much reason to speculate that it is not related to his knee and is a minor injury (hamstring injuries are probably the most common soft-tissue injury suffered in practices) that will require a few weeks rest, ice, and heat to recover.

For fans, it is “wait and see” on Gonzo.  Until then, in these slow times, internet fights will break out over contrary attitudes and hopefully fans will be entertained.

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