Injuries Everywhere for the Red Sox

Injuries Everywhere for the Red Sox

Red Sox

Injuries Everywhere for the Red Sox


Kevin Youkilis “tweaked” his back in last night’s game against the Indians.  Tito doesn’t think it will be a be a big deal:

“He just made a move out on the field and when he was running to first, he felt it and it was getting tighter and tighter and you just don’t want to do something to cost him multiple games,” Francona said.

Jacoby Ellsbury has another fractured rib and will miss the rest of June:

This fracture, which is in a different area than the initial fractures and which was not present on previous scans, is likely the result of a new injury which occurred when Jacoby dove and impacted the ground during his brief return to play. Jacoby will require several weeks of rest and physical therapy.

Dustin Pedroia’s knee is bothering him but he is going to keep playing:

“My knee hurts, but it’ll be fine,” Pedroia said after breaking an 0-for-15 drought with two singles and hitting two other balls hard to center field for outs. “I don’t weigh that much, so I don’t carry around a lot of weight. We’ll find a way to play through it. I’ll heal while I play. I‘ve got to get out there and help us win. That‘s my job.”

The Red Sox are going to have to find a way to get it done with the injuries as they begin a nine game homestand for interleague play where they will face the Phillies, Dodgers, and D-Backs.

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