Niese And Easy

Niese And Easy


Niese And Easy


Dammit, that would have been a perfect game had it not been for Jim Joyce and that …

Sorry, wrong one-hitter.

Y’know, maybe it is me.  Not only am I the one who goes to two of the last three home losses in the last 13, but I’m the one that said “Oh, well I shouldn’t complain because I get to see Santana instead of Jon Niese.”  Ha!  Next time, I think I will complain about that.  Or maybe I should just shut up.  After all, I’m also the one that said that the triple play the Mets hit into early in the game was a bad omen.

Wrong again, stupid.  Niese pitches a one-hitter, and no longer do we have to remember Aaron Heilman when talking about the Mets last one-hit shutout.  I hope that isn’t an omen as to how Niese’s career is going to trend, but as we’ve established, what do I know from omens?

But wait, there’s more:

The important thing is that Jon Niese made the glass look more than half full on a day where they went one up and one down.  Perhaps for the first time since Johan Santana became a member of the Mets, it’s not necessary for Santana to go 30-0 for this franchise to have a punchers chance.  Between Niese and Mike Pelfrey, and even R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi, it’s no longer necessary for the Mets to pine for every fifth day when 57 takes the mound.

Now if the Mets could only learn to win on the road.  And we’re going to find out very soon if that’s going to happen or not.  Because if the Mets take this stellar homestand and throw it away by losing four out of six to Baltimore and Cleveland, two teams with a combined record of 38-79, then I don’t see anyplace else on the road they can win.  And that includes, San Francisco, Chicago, Albuquerque, Indonesia, or the Arctic region. (Though I hear those penguins have good UZR ratings.)

Okay, just two more questions:

You know that thing they put on the video board after the top of the first during every game, where they say don’t be a drunken lout, don’t be vulgar, and basically don’t be a complete idiot?  Well, wasn’t Lady Gaga in violation of at least two of the three during Thursday’s opener?  Shouldn’t she have been kicked out?  Oh wait, heaven forbid we do that to a “V.I.P.” 

Maybe it wasn’t my fault.  Maybe it’s Lady Gaga’s fault … a Yankee fan.  Maybe she’s the one who needs the “Do Not Admit” treatment.

And apparently, it’s a big deal that Carlos Beltran went 3-for-10 in an extended spring training game.  Which begs the question: Who the hell gets ten at-bats in a baseball game?  And who was pitching to this fictional team, Oliver Perez?

All right, one more bonus question: The last two celebratory pies to the face have been delivered by Angel Pagan.  Does this make him Angel “Pie-gan”?

All together now: “Booooooooooooooo!”

(This must be why I’m no longer welcome at Citi Field.)

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