Red Sox Roster Moves

Red Sox Roster Moves

Red Sox

Red Sox Roster Moves


The Red Sox made 4 different roster moves today.  Some expected…some not so much.  And no, none of them involved Mikey Lowell.

Jonathan Papelbon was activated today from the bereavement list.  Expected.  Pap is back as the bullpen could not need it more.

Jeremy Hermida was put on the 15 day DL with fractured ribs.  Somewhat expected.  They knew that Hermy needed another round of tests with his increased soreness in the ribs.  So, I was hoping they wouldn’t be fractured, but well…not surprised. The article goes into depth on Tito’s comments on Hermy and his poor, sad, hurting ribs.

Joe ‘Party in the USA’ Nelson was designated for assignment.  Not really expected.  I would have bet that Boof might have been the pitcher to not make the cut, but I guess you get a longer leash when you are a long relief guy. Here are Nelson’s comments about being DFA’ed:


‘I’ve been sitting in my chair all day waiting for Tito to come grab me,” Nelson said. “I saw it coming. In all likelihood if I clear waivers, I’ve thrown my last pitch. That’s emotion talking right now. I’ll probably re-analyze it. I’m disappointed, but I had every opportunity. As a whole, you’ve got to perform. They gave me every chance.I didn’t make pitches. There is no hard feelings in the world against Red Sox. Every day I had up here was a blessing.”

Scott Atchison was recalled up from Pawtucket.  Kind of expected.  Guy has been called up and sent down about a million a half times already this season.

And one final note because it is hilarious.  Brian MacPherson from Projo Sox Blog just sent out this tweet:

@brianmacp Pedroia got an MRI. Or, as Francona said, “We took him to the vet.” #redsox

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