World Cup Day 1 Change Your Facebook Picture to Your Favorite Founding Father

World Cup Day 1 Change Your Facebook Picture to Your Favorite Founding Father

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World Cup Day 1 Change Your Facebook Picture to Your Favorite Founding Father



Just like that, the World Cup is under way. Host nation South Africa scored the first goal of the tournament when Siphiwe Tshabalala scored 55 minutes into the opening match against Mexico. Love the announcers reaction to this goal. That’s what the World Cup is all about.

About twenty five minutes later, with the South African crowd buzzing (literally, buzzing, they blow on noisemakers that make the stadium sound like a beehive) Mexico tied it up. Not sure if South Africa was more disappointed that Mexico tied the game or that they don’t have anyone on their team named Alejandro.

In the other match of the day, France and Uruguay played to a nil-nil draw. Snore. Both teams managed only 3 shots on goal. France took 20 shots in the game, but only three were actually on target. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Either way, this isn’t a game you’re going to go back and watch on the DVR. 0-0 ties are ESPN’s worst nightmare in this event. Thierry Henry is still a joke.
The World Cup continues tomorrow morning with a snooze-fest between South Korea and Greece to be followed by two of the best matches of the tournament. Argentina-Nigeria is sure to be a wide open game.
In honor of the United States opening the World Cup against the bloody Brits, we’re starting a movement. It’s pretty easy to get on board. Here’s what you need to do:
Change your Facebook and/or Twitter picture to your favorite Founding Father to celebrate that other time we kicked some British ass.
Don’t have a favorite founding father? Well, here are some options.
George Washington
He crossed a river once, and the resulting picture showed that he did, in fact, have a little Captain in him.
Thomas Jefferson
He had the jungle fever. He also bought Louisiana. Suck it, France.
Ben Franklin
He was from Philadelphia and had the Gout. Also slept around. A lot.
Alexander Hamilton
Challenged Aaron Burr to a duel, because that was just how you rolled back then. He didn’t win.
Aaron Burr
Quicker on the draw than Alexander Hamilton.
James Madison
Federalism, baby.
Abigail Adams
Popular choice for the female audience of the blog. Told John to not forget about including women when they wrote the Constitution.
Thomas Paine
T-Paine wrote Common Sense to help spur the American Revolution. But he wasn’t done. After that he went to France and helped start their revolution. Total baller.
John Hancock
Signed his name huge so King George could read it. And his name is Hancock.
If you do change your picture, tweet us or post in the comments who you chose for your favorite founder. Pass the idea on to all your friends.
Go America.

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