Happy Father's Day, Gentlemen

Happy Father's Day, Gentlemen

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Happy Father's Day, Gentlemen


Honored to have you drop by the blog on Father’s Day.  We’ll make some miscellaneous comments about the Giants and around the world of sports.

1) Honey, I have a headache.  What’s a vuvuzela?  It’s one of those plastic f’g horns that people at soccer matches blow incessantly throughout the entire match.  I once went to a soccer game at the Meadowlands along with my daughter and her soccer team, and I literally got a headache midway through the first half.  The noise was relentless.  Watching the World Cup, it blares through the speakers like a hum from a hornet’s nest.  Imagine your ears next to one and having to listen to it for 2 hours straight.  So glad they don’t have this garbage in the NFL.  Oh, right, we have all those TV commentators on Sundays.  Scratch that, give me the vuvuzelas. 

2)  Just make sure that Thomas and Webster are as aggressive as possible (see last item in link). 

3)  As for the first item in the link in (2) above, all we are saying is that if the player wanted to avoid surgery, I respect that BUT.. at a point sometime WELL BEFORE MAY, you get the surgery when progress has not been made.

4) The Haynesworth holdout was upped a notch this past week with his no-show at mandatory mini-camp.  Mayor and I said it before and we’ll say it again: getting this guy makes the Giants instantly credible contenders for a Super Bowl title.  Mainstream media-types are panning this idea, saying he is evil and needs to suffer the consequences.  My response to that?  Screw Washington where they breathe and win the title by running right over Snyder’s wallet, which paid for the lion’s share of his tab. 

5)  I think Kobe Bryant is a terrific basketball player but that does not mean I want to see him win titles

6) Speaking about titles, I’ll go on record right here as saying that the Saints will not repeat.  You watch this video, and they are talking about rings and books while 31 teams are figuring out what to do to beat them.  Statistically speaking, one team repeated this past decade.  They have no better shot at winning this year than anyone else in that top 10 tier of qualified teams. 

7) .. weeks until training camp.

8)  Nnamdi Asomugha gives advice to NFL rookies.  These pieces are good reads because if you even learn one thing from them, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the game on Sunday. 

9)  Nate Dunleavy of 18to88.com has written a book on the history of the Indianapolis Colts, called BlueBlood.  If you have any interest in the Colts or know anyone who does, check it out.   

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