Links of the Day 6/20/10

Links of the Day 6/20/10


Links of the Day 6/20/10


Summer starts tomorrow. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Jamie Moyer is an amazing old man.

These guys have certainly earned it.

In perhaps the upset of the World Cup, New Zealand drew with Italy. Two thoughts: Why did every Kiwi in the stands feel the need to take off their shirt and twirl it in there air? Do they have Petey Pablo in Auckland? Also, did you know that everyone in New Zealand is a bit pudgy? And also, who is “enjoying the atmosphere” more this Italian fan or Getty photographer Christof Koepsel?

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Apparently the players themselves formed into these groups, so we’ll see if Tippett rolls with them. Hyman | McDavid | Puljujarvi (…)

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