Oh Pedey, how do I love thee?

Oh Pedey, how do I love thee?

Red Sox

Oh Pedey, how do I love thee?


I love watching the Sox play…particularly when they win.  Last night’s game was great.  However, I have another thing I love about the game…is waiting for the post game show and hearing what Dustin Pedroia might have to say.  Seriously.  It’s spectacular.  He is not only the clear voice and leader of the team, but he’s also…mighty hilarious.  Check out Dustin’s comments after his walk off hit to win the game last night.


Pedey: It definitely was a tough at bat facing a guy like that. When he got on the mound, it looked like he was 9 feet tall. That first pitch, I was like jeez…I had better wake up…

Reporter: Well, everyone looks like 9 feet tall to you

Pedey: (visibly laughing) Thank you. That was good.

And the constant quote of the night from Pedey comes at the end of the interview…when he is asked about the Sox offense:


We’ve scored the most runs of any team in baseball so…your guy’s articles in spring training…you can shove it up your ass.


Love you Pedey.  Love you long time.

And just because I couldn’t NOT share it.  Here is David Ortiz rocking out…with some major sunglasses from his press conference on Friday night. Nice bling Papi.  Enjoy:


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