Shawn "Wayne" Thornton

Shawn "Wayne" Thornton


Shawn "Wayne" Thornton


As we’re getting prepared for draft week, we thought we’d take a minute to talk about Shawn Thornton before all attention turns to trades, rumors, draft picks and Taylor/Tyler.
It is no secret we love Shawn Thornton around here. Not just for his fights. We like his energy. His drive. We love how hard he tries on the ice. We love how awesome he is off the ice. Thornton is a great guy. Very good with fans. Always cracking a joke on and off the ice. He is a true hockey player.
He might not score 20 goals. Or even 10 goals. But he is the type of character guy that plays a huge role for successful teams that the box score doesn’t show. In the coming season you’ll often see us referring to Thornton as “Wayne” Thornton. You may have seen this already. So what’s the deal with the Wayne thing?
After the jump, the history of Shawn “Wayne” Thornton….
So last season, we’re sitting around Days of Y’Orr offices watching an away game. We don’t remember who the Bruins were facing. That part isn’t important. Thornton was behind the opposing net. He was flashing some awesome puck handling skills. Jack Edwards said “Thornton is in Gretzky’s office, making it his own.” Or something like that.

He’s getting 60 goals this season.

And it was born. We started talking about how Shawn Thornton was the third greatest NHL player of all time. Orr. Lemieux. Thornton. Gretzky.

Thornton hopes to bring a Cup to Boston.

We would joke that Thornton was taking over for Gretzky. And it took off from there. We started calling him Shawn “Wayne” Thornton. So there you go. Saw him again today and informed him we thought he was the 3rd greatest NHL player ever. He remained modest but we could see the look in his eye. We’re glad Shawn “Wayne” Thornton is back in Boston next season. Can’t wait to see him operate in Thornton’s office next season.

Shawn “Wayne” Thornton

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