Bloguin's NBA Mock Draft: Picks 31-40

Bloguin's NBA Mock Draft: Picks 31-40

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Bloguin's NBA Mock Draft: Picks 31-40


NBA Draft Blog is coordinating a Bloguin-wide mock draft. I’m in charge of both the Pistons and the Indiana Pacers. We’re about halfway through the second round, so picks 31-40 are here. I’ll go by 10’s the rest of the way, with each mock GM’s reasoning on why they made the pick. Check out the rest of the draft too: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30.

31. New Jersey Nets: Dominique Jones, USF- Brian Isaacson

[The] kind of guy that can drop 40 on one night and have 15 assists the next. If he can work on his perimiter shooting, he will be a solid NBA guard for years to come. Excellent value at this pick.

Dominique Jones

32. Oklahoma City Thunder: Devin Ebanks, West Virginia – The Real Shaq

Devin Ebanks

33. Sacramento Kings: Jerome Randle, California – Scott Levin, Kings Examiner

The Kings need a ball handler, a playmaker, a shooter and some depth at the guard positions…Randle has crazy ball handling skills and can shoot from anywhere on the court. For Sac, he can run the 2nd unit, and he can also play next to Tyreke Evans, complementing him with his shooting and lead-guard skills.

Jerome Randle

Picks 34-40 are after the jump…

34. Portland Trail Blazers: Kevin Seraphin, France – Seth, Bust A Bucket

The Blazers love to draft players and leave them in Europe indefinitely to develop, which they would certainly do with Seraphin. Plus, he’s injured, so he already fits in perfectly with the rest of Portland’s roster.

Kevin Seraphin

35. Washington Wizards: Jerome Jordan, Tulsa – Mookie, A Stern Warning

[The Wizards]are hoping that the Jamaican big can follow in the footsteps of Patrick Ewing and fill the gaping interior in Washington.

Jerome Jordan

36. Detroit Pistons: Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State – Me

While history shows that the Pistons likely won’t end up keeping their original second round pick, Varnado helps fill the Pistons’ post needs. He isn’t extremely polished offensively but won’t be counted on to score much anyway. Still, he has shown improvement in his mid-range jumper recently.

Jarvis Varnado

37. Milwaukee Bucks: Lance Stephenson – Pants, TWolves Blog

[T]hey need a stud shooting guard and the way to do that is to draft two and let them battle it out (just ask David Kahn). Lance would be the 2nd player in 2 years to have begged the Knicks to take him. If that doesn’t jinx him into being good I don’t know what will.

Lance Stephenson

38. New York Knicks: Terrico White, Ole Miss – Knicks Fanatics Blog

For the team that needs almost everything, it’s about time they start with the biggest need to rebuild their team with a rangy combo guard who could conceivably run the point in D’Antoni’s system. White is the best guard remaining on the board and his length will immediately improve the Knicks perimeter defense and lessen the exposure to it’s weak interior since D’Antoni refuses to play a true big man in the middle.

Terrico White

39. New York Knicks: Darington Hobson, New Mexico- Knicks Fanatics Blog

Hobson’s alleged lack of athleticism is certainly secondary to his will, desire and court IQ. He is willing to work hard to overcome his deficiencies and inconsistencies which is certainly the key to becoming better in the NBA. Left handed and a good ball handler for his size, his versatility gives us what we need in a situation where every player should actually equal two positions or more.

Darington Hobson

40. Indiana Pacers: Mikhail Torrance, Alabama – Me

Torrance has the ability to play both guard positions. At 6’5″ he could pose some matchup problems if the Pacers were to play him at the point, a position of serious need. The fact that he is only 21 and still has 4 years of college experience under his belt is just icing on the cake.

Mikhail Torrance

I’m done drafting for the Pistons, but I still have Indiana’s pick at #57. Post your idea for the biggest, whitest dude I could possibly draft in the comments.

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