Daniel Snyder: Not As Bad As You Think

Daniel Snyder: Not As Bad As You Think


Daniel Snyder: Not As Bad As You Think


Perhaps it’s safe for Daniel Snyder to be seen in public again.

Respondents in a survey by E-poll Market Research for Forbes Magazine listed Al Davis (Oakland) and Jerry Jones (Dallas) as the most hated NFL owners in sports.

One thousand people over the age of 13 were asked to rate notable sports figures. Davis placed second in the poll. Jones was tied with Tiger Woods for fourth place.

Philadelphia Eagles back-up quarterback Michael Vick topped the list with disapproval by 69 percent of survey takers. Ben Roethlisberger and Terrell Owens were the other NFL players to make the list as was the Washington Wizards’ fallen star Gilbert Arenas in tenth place.

The story on allheadlinenews.com did not say when the survey was conducted. I’ll hazard a guess that it was before last Wednesday when Albert Haynesworth made the headline news.  

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