First Blue Blood Interview

First Blue Blood Interview


First Blue Blood Interview


Hey, have I mentioned I have a new book out?  Oh, just making sure.  Forgive me for being a little book centric this week, but considering it’s the offseason and even the Indystar headline hasn’t changed in days because everyone is on vacation, I hope you can understand.

My first of hopefully many interviews about the book has been posted on Bloguin’s home page.  Bloguin is the network that has hosted 18to88 for the past year.  We’ve been thrilled with our experience here, and I hope you’ve all taken the time to peruse some of the other Bloguin blogs, including Pacers Pulse.  If you note, while Bloguin has lots of cool blogs, there is still no IU, Purdue, or Butler presence.  Maybe one of you wants to get cracking…

Anyway, I think you’ll find the interview interesting.  We talk a lot about the birth and development of 18to88 as well as the process of going from book to blog.

Oh yeah, and in case I forgot to mention it…buy my book!  Yesterday, it made #1 in the Amazon subcategory for Midwest regional books.  I finally managed to pass the Rand McNally road atlas for Michigan!  Suck it, maps!  Blue Blood rules!

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