Move Over Crockett and Tubbs...

Move Over Crockett and Tubbs...

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Move Over Crockett and Tubbs...


Cause Paul Wulff and Chris Ball own Florida, baby.

Word courtesy of Cougfan is that Coach Wulff and Coach Ball have added 3 more verbals from the FLA to their 2011 recruiting class.  It’s true – WR’s Henry Eaddy and Isiah Myers, and LB Darryl Monroe have all pledged Crimson today.  Holy smokes! The artucle is premium, so you’ll have to pay to get the details, but that now makes four commitments from the Sunshine State this year(Spencer Waseem just committed the other day). Just what on earth are these coaches cookin?! Whatever it is, the recruits are certainly buying it. We may change our mascot to a manatee!


For a quick refresher, we wrote about Eaddy, Myers and Monroe in May, and they looked great at the time.  Here’s how they looked:






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