Oops -- let's try this again

Oops -- let's try this again


Oops -- let's try this again


Sorry about that, guys. Bloguin has shifted servers today and I had hoped that the gamethread that I posted went up after the switch, but apparently I pulled the trigger a couple minutes early and the original post got eaten by the internet.

The jist of the post was this: Paul Maholm vs. Dustin Nippert is a game we should win. Really, that was about it. This road trip will get ugly if the Pirates don’t win games like this one. The first pitch is 8:05, Clemente/Cangelosi is after the jump. If you got your comment in before 7:12, it’s gone. I will repost all of the submissions I received in the first comment.

Not sure what this is? Check here and here. Short version: in the comments pick the Pirates you think will be most and least valuable in today’s game. If you haven’t jumped aboard yet, it’s been a lot of fun so far and now’s as good a time as any to join in.

Ross Ohlendorf’s fifth inning flailing was good to several C/Cers. He and Jose Tabata were last night’s Cangelosis, while Bobby Crosby and Ryan Doumit were Clementes. No one moved points in the standings except Ohlendorf, though.

Today’s standings:

  1. Don_Madden:40
  2. Carnegie Chip: 24
  3. brian2: 23
  4. North Shore Ryan: 22
  5. dafletch, Woodward: 21
  6. ndbrian: 20
  7. J. Latrobe: 18
  8. pdiddy0020: 16
  9. hisjazziness: 15
  10. Wizard of Woz, michaelbro8: 14
  11. hwtrine68, Garrett122: 13
  12. Mornacale, whygavs:12
  13. UtesFan890, apk: 8
  14. bwzimmerman, dboz: 7
  15. TuckerD13, edgeman2k, Nate: 6
  16. TheHulk, WallyR, Dave Mesing, Cecilio_Guante: 5
  17. TomKaikis, Joek, tylerrcurtis, TheJewelryMan!, fruitbat, appeal2smail : 3
  18. PatrickHealy, MattB, SteelCity66, BadAndy, spazaru, Adam_Reynolds, Mr. Ando, cocktailsfor2, hilltoppeer, PHook4000: 2
  19. FSU Bucs, Christy, appeal2smail, SeanGentile, shsteimer, TheHulk, Traco Bucco, Tate, Neopold, IndianaJohns04, wk kortas, jac8, Mr. Ando,  DoctorGeeves, CoryR, Polish Prodigy: 1
  20. Everyone else: 0
  21. NSN, Mosca, danatural, Teflon, John Sparrow, matt w, Fielding Yost: -1


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