Vote for Garrett Wittels!

Vote for Garrett Wittels!

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Vote for Garrett Wittels!


Before you say it…yes, it IS that time of year again.

I know, I know, it seems like just yesterday that ESPN held their annual ESPYs award show, but all sarcasm aside…it is here again and I need to bang the drum and get your support for someone.

Florida International sophomore Garret Wittels made headlines throughout this year’s college baseball season by getting a hit in every game he played this season.

You read that right. Every. Game.

The last time the infielder didn’t get a hit…February 21, 2009. And if you’re keeping track, that’s 56 games.

That’s the same number of games as Joe DiMaggio’s Major League-best set back in 1947 and just two games off the Division I record. Wittels will have to wait until next season to match the 1987 feat by then Oklahoma State standout Robin Ventura, but right now, he’s not concerned about that.

I caught up with Wittels and got his thoughts on being nominated for an ESPY.

“This is an unbelievable honor to be nominated…I never dreamed that I would be up for such a prestigious award,” the Golden Panther told The Hall. “This wouldn’t be possible without help from my teammates, coaches, my family and fans.”

And if Wittels 56 game hitting streak isn’t enough to sway your vote, he hit a team-high .413 with 100 hits and 60 RBI.

“If the readers here at The Hall of Very Good can please vote for me in this years ESPYs,” Wittels continued, “I would really appreciate it.”

So here’s the deal, gang…from now until July 10 (that’s THIS SATURDAY), head on over to ( and vote for Garret Wittels. He’s nominated for “Best Male College Athlete” (obviously), and he’ll get you into the best parties on South Beach if you make him a winner.

I might be kidding about the parties, but c’mon…do you really need a reason to vote for the dude?

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