A quick note on Ray

A quick note on Ray

Red's Army

A quick note on Ray


In the middle of the Luke Harangody story in the Herald was this quick update on Ray Allen:

The club last spoke with Ray Allen’s people Saturday, and the veteran
guard still seems to be checking out the market.

Things should come into sharper focus this week as free agents begin
agreeing to deals (starting Thursday) and teams get a better idea of
their relative positions.

I see this as posturing… the same way the C's trading for Rudy Fernandez or Leandro Barbosa is a little bit of posturing out of the C's.  They're trying to see what the market is and then they can figure out what the hometown discount will be.

The question is… does he get 3 years or 2?  A third year kicks in another crazy salary cap clause called the over-36 rule will changes the cap number for the entire deal.

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