But who else was there?

But who else was there?


But who else was there?


Kravitz says Bird has one year to prove it. I’m ok with that, but what I didn’t like was the laundry list of his draft choices.  As a sports fan, what I want to know isn’t that the Pacers draft picks sucked.  What I want to know is who they COULD have had instead.  That’s the only fair way to evaluate a draft.

The bigger issue is whether Bird and Morway have done the job as talent evaluators. On that count, I give them a solid “C.”

If you assume that Bird has had a huge role in the draft since his arrival — and I do — his record is a mixed bag.

David Harrison (2004) lived down to his reputation as a loose cannon.

Danny Granger, a surprise when he fell to No. 17 in 2005, was brilliant, albeit a choice you, me and my pet monkey could have made.

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