Cooking with Ryan: Chili burritos with salad

Cooking with Ryan: Chili burritos with salad


Cooking with Ryan: Chili burritos with salad


I’m aware those aren’t burritos. I had some tortillas all ready to go, however they were a little old and crusty, so instead of folding together a nice little burrito, I ended up having to go with a quesadilla. I made another modification, in that I threw in some corn with the chili filling, and that actually really helped the dish, in my opinion. On top of that, with the salad, I forgot to pick up tomatoes, so I substituted radishes (which taste nothing like tomatoes) and didn’t really have any issues.
The chili was just a can of Hormel and not anything I prepared like, say, last week. I still preferred my chili, because it was a bit spicier, but the Hormel was, I don’t know, homier. Smokier. Not as spicy though.
I can’t say enough good things about the dressing I made though. Ranch + Salsa + Lemon juice. It was pretty good, and I ate a lot of salad to finish it off. That was some good dressing.

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