Erden officially signed

Erden officially signed

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Erden officially signed


Semi  The C's just announced, officially, the signing of 7 foot center Semih Erden.  The signing was held up by buyout issues with his Turkish team.  He'll make somewhere around $500,000… but I'm not sure how much of it is guaranteed, but it's a drop in the bucket for the C's as they look for a serviceable guy taller than 6'9".  

He'll be in uniform today in Orlando.  You can catch it on NBA TV is you're home or you can pay $15 to watch it online.

Oh, the picture? 

Well… I can't ever hear the name "Semih" without thinking of "Semi" from Coming to America.  I mean… can't you see Semih hilariously spending some of Paul Pierce's money as Paul tries to just live a regular life?  

Oh Semih… you put a hot tub in the middle of the practice facility?  You so crazy.

On a related note… I think I'm suffering from heat stroke.  Damn its hot outside.

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