Getting Ready for Mad Men, Season 4

Getting Ready for Mad Men, Season 4

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Getting Ready for Mad Men, Season 4


When you think television sucks in the summer, cable comes in and you get True Blood and Entourage on HBO, The Real L Word, Weeds and The Big C on Showtime, Rescue Me on FX and the best of all, Mad Men on AMC. Most of the aforementioned have returned to true form this season, but there’s something about Mad Men that rises above the crop each and every season. Three seasons thus far and there’s been plot twists and complications each and every step along the way.

We know Don and Betty Draper are on the outs. We know that Don wants to start a new Sterling Cooper ad agency. We know that he’s reaching out to Pete Campbell. We know that Peggy is reluctant to join the new agency, but eventually agrees. And that’s where we are entering Season 4. Here’s a short preview from AMC with the Mad Men cast and creator Matthew Weiner about where we’re headed in the new season.

Here are the women of Mad Men, the always lovely Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones answering fan questions about their characters and Season 3.

And you have this promo that is currently running on AMC.

I’m ready for the season. Are you? It all begins later this month, July 25 at 10 p.m. East and West. Looking forward to it.

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