The Turn-Around; 1996- Introducing a New Coach and staff

The Turn-Around; 1996- Introducing a New Coach and staff

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The Turn-Around; 1996- Introducing a New Coach and staff


Tony would wear the Orange for only One year, but helped turn it around before the birth of Pewter Power.

Tony Dungy had gotten excited before over a possible head NFL Job, but when Rich McKay told Dungy He would like to meet him at the East West game, well even Mrs. Dungy got a little excited. The Bucs had wanted Jimmy Johnson or Steve Spurrier. Johnson choose  Miami, because he felt he could win a Super Bowl with Dan Marino far easier than with Trent Dilfer. Something Dilfer would point out to him in a week 4 win over Miami in 1997 when Dilfer took a knee instead of piling up some more yards, and pointing that out  to Jimmy Johnson. Then Spurrier decided to stay in Gainesville a bit longer. The Glazers liked what they heard from Tony, and he was named the first defensive Head Coach since John McKay. Tony Dungy knew the Bucs had talent, having faced them twice a year as division rivals. But a losing attitude had prevailed in Tampa, and that was what he and his staff would have to work to get rid of. Dungy’s goal was to get this young Tampa Bay team to work on fundamentals, and not allow excuses to be at the heart of player’s problems. One such example was an early morning scrimmage with Jacksonville. Rather than leave day before, Dungy had the assistant coaches round up the players at 4 AM to arrive just in time for practice. As expected, the team functioned poorly. They made excuses instead of rising up for the occasion. Dungy explained his motives: No excuses, No explanations. There will be times when things dont go your way, and you will have to rise up above the circumstances. The players preformed better in the second practice. Years later when the Bucs faced adversity, older players would say ” Time for a 4 AM Bus Ride”! Dungy allowed his assistant coaches to teach any way they wanted, as long as the message came through.

Editors Note: The TURN AROUND is an 18 part series chronicling the turn around in Tampa Bay Buccaneers football as Bucco Bruce 13 year losers to eventual Pewter Power champions. A similar turn around is required, and the Turn Around Pt TWO will follow; a 17 part series that will go over last years squad and how similarities, if any, are prevalent.

NOTE:(2/20/2011) due to the move to bucstop II, the series will be put into archives, the videos can be seen in the video vault for each game. 

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