>Friday Morning Links

>Friday Morning Links

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>Friday Morning Links


> – ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low gives us his version of the SEC three-headed monsters. So who are the top 5 QB/RB/WR combos in the SEC?

– Chris Low has some other good stuff up in his blog including the Top 25 SEC Players of 2010 and the 5 that just missed the cut.

– Dr Saturday looks at games that shouldn’t be happening in 2010.

– Marshall Faulk wishes he would have taken cash in college.

Did USC’s Dillion Baxter break the same rule that got Dez Bryant suspended last year?

– Clemson’s Kyle Parker is taking his time making his decision on whether to play pro baseball or college football.

– Ole Miss dismisses WR Pat Patterson.

– If you have some free time this week head over to In The Bleachers and check out some of Michael Felder’s podcasts. I listened to one this week with a guy from the Football Outsiders website and it was very enjoyable. Speaking of In The Bleachers we will have an interview with Michael up at our site on Monday so check back then!

– Speaking of Football Outsiders they now have a homepage dedicated to college football. You can find their pre-season Top 25 here.

– SB Nation has some interesting content up this week sponsored by NCAA 11 featuring columns like these: My All-Time Favorite Player, Tailgating Traditions, All-Time Favorite Teams, and How We Became Fans. Those are just some examples of the content from some of our “Friends of the Blog”. If you like those examples then I suggest you look on the right hand side of our website and pick out some SB Nation Blogs that have been kind enough to help us with our Pre-Season Previews and give them a read.

– NCAA 11 is out next week. Game Informer has posted a review giving it a 9.0 out of 10.0 (and a second opinion review of 8.75 by a different person). I’ve got mine on pre-order from Amazon. Now I just need to get rid of the Tim Tebow cover and I will be set. Anybody know where I can get a AJ Green, Herschel Walker, Knowshon Moreno, etc NCAA 11 cover?

– We’ve had our busiest week of traffic (by far) at the blog this week. I wanted to take a second to thank Wescott Eberts of Burnt Orange Nation and our BYU friend of the blog who has two websites BYU Football Talk and College Football Haven for driving so much traffic our way.

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